Sunday, August 31, 2008

Canaan Valley Trip

We traveled to Canaan Valley for the day on Saturday, August 30th. John and I did 7.5 miles of mountain biking (mainly on Back Hollow Trail). Rose, John and Joseph played one round of mini-golf, with Rose finishing at +2. John and Joseph each enjoyed a turn on the "Euro Bungy", and we even discovered one Geocache during the day. Weather was cool and overcast which made for a great day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

WV State Fair

Joseph as Bozo...........Boys on the Rock Wall

John at the "Mooternity" Ward
Calf only 12 hours old

John's Magic Show
John was chosen from the audience to be in a magic show.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Waves of Fun

Boys got to enjoy a trip to the good old Wave Pool in Teays Valley, WV. John survived all 3 slides, and the multiple times he flipped his tube in the waves. Joseph mainly enjoyed karate chopping and kicking the waves as they came wonder Brad calls him "fightin' Joe".

Trip to Tucson

I had a good trip to Tucson, Arizona at the end of July...........a business trip............ but still a good trip. Got to tour the desert, and enjoy the Saguaro cactus. I had no idea how tall those things were! Temp was nice and hot.............."but it's a dry heat", they say. I say, "so is an oven, but it will still cook you, ha ha". Evenings were wonderful though.