Monday, June 11, 2007

2007 South Branch Watershed Awareness Day

Mom and I had a great canoe trip on June 2, 2007!

This was the second annual South Branch Watershed Awareness Day. A group of about 70 people traveled 12 miles from the Old Fields Bridge near Moorefield down to the mouth of "The Trough". The weather and water level was perfect.

We enjoyed a streamside lunch of pulled pork and pulled chicken and other side dishes as we listened to speakers talk about subjects such as Eagles, Fish Kill, Chesapeake Bay, and the importance of using local foods.

During the day we saw about 10 bald eagles. This included several sitings of mature eagles as well as an ealge swooping down to the stream in front of us to catch a fish, and later, 2 eagles "locked" and fighting straight above our heads. I was busy watching these eagles fight while mom took care of keeping us afloat as we went down a decent rapid. Made for a very exciting day!

For more photos click on this link
"Photographs by Randall Wingett."


Jenn said...

Yeah, mom was telling me that you guys had a great time. It has been a while since I have been canoeing but it's always a good time.