Monday, July 14, 2008


In our effort to get some exercise, Matt made us a trail in the field above our house. He spent about 2 hours mowing through weeds. It turned out really great. It's beautiful...It's like our very own small Canaan Valley. That's what it looks like.....trails over in the valley. We have seen deer, woodpeckers, birds, and even kitty enjoying the trail. You can even stop and pick some berries if you like.

John is riding his bike about 2 miles a day around the loop. I am walking/jogging (mostly walking) around a mile to a mile and a half. Matt is jogging about a mile or two. We are really enjoying getting out. .......well most of us.
Joseph is not so happy about the trail....well I didn't tell you about the not so good part. There are several ant hills along the side of the trail. You don't want to stop anywhere near them. That is good motivation to keep going.....which is good. but Joseph always stops for something and he gets a couple of ants on his feet and you can hear him for miles.