Monday, May 18, 2009

Gardening Friend?

I hope this guy doesn't come back for lunch in our garden. We haven't planted any plants in the garden yet. We did plant some seeds (lettuce, spinach, and a few different herbs) Saturday. Hoping to get some tomatoes and summer squash in the near future. We planted a lot of things last year but we are not going to this year.........deer, some kind of vegetable rot got most of it will be simple this year. Happy Gardening!!!


Mrs. David Hankins said...


Enemy #1

Seek and destroy (i.e. eat 'em, wear 'em, or peace-ably relocate 'em :P


Steph B. said...

I know what you mean! Last year we didn't get the electric fence up early enough and the deer had at it at my beans and a few peppers!, That and the rabbits! Need to find a way to keep those rascals OUT!

Have a great weekend :) Praying for a safe trip :)