Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bedroom Before and After

Sept 2002

Oct 2002


March 2010

I have completed what I can for now on my room. There are a few more things to do but I will have to wait. I want to get an Armoire for our clothes and get rid of the dresser. The dresser takes up way too much floor space. We need to go vertical with the Armoire and have more floor space. I also want to paint the mirror black and frame some Paris photos, get another nightstand for my side of the bed, and an area rug. Most of those are wants that will have to wait.

(you can click on the photos to make them larger.)

It took me a while to find a pillow that matched that I liked. Many stores were visited but I finally found the blue pillow at Pier 1 on clearance. It was a little pricey at $19.98 on clearance but it was the last thing to buy and it was exactly what I wanted so I got it. I love the beads.

Here's a run down of the costs:
nightstand- $10
lamp- $10
lamp- $2
candle holders- $1
sea shells-$3
curtains- $3
vase- $1
mirror- $20
chair- $7
black pillows- $20
blue pillow- $20
comforter- $37 (clearance + 20% off)
throw- $23
sheets- $10
paint $15
Total $194.50


Steph B. said...

I LOOKS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph B. said...

Gabe said it looks like a hotel room...

You have inspired me.. now I want to do something in my room. I have been wanting too but haven't yet!! :) Let the painting begin... maybe lol

Jenn said...

That's awesome! Lee's mom approves too :) We don't know how you do it but it looks great. Yeah painting the furniture black would look good.

小研 said...
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Jonathan&Amanda said...

LOVE IT! looks like a great place to relax!

Ashley J Houck said...

that looks amazing! Followed you over from Better After. Keep up the good work!

{The Appraiser's Wife}

Sandy said...

Great Job, Love it!!

Sunshine and Shadows said...

I love how your room turned out. It is beautiful.

Clara said...

That is quite the transformation, it doesn't look like the same space.

I don't understand what was so attractive about the wood paneling that everybody had to do it. It's fine for a Swiss cabin, urban dwelling? Not so much.

beth kruse custom creations said...

beautiful! i have paneling on the wall behind my bed and have been planning on painting it robin's egg blue. i really like your color. what is it called?

The Monroes said...

The paint color is Bridgewater by Color Place (Wal-Mart paint). It is a blue gray color. I know some people don't like Wal-Mart paint but I have painted my whole house inside and out with it and it works great.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I feel so blessed.